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Why Use a Mini Crane?

Lower Hire Costs

You save on hiring costs as hiring a mini crane is cheaper than going full size

Save on Permits

Permits not usually required when using a Mini Crane, which cuts down the cost of your build.

Short Hire Times

There is only a 2 hour minimum hire with Mini Cranes so you don’t have to waste money hiring a crane for longer than you need it.

Work Up High

Mini Cranes can often can be lifted onto elevated concrete slabs, which means you can work with ease in hard to reach places

Access Tight Areas

Mini cranes fold down to a tiny 750mm wide so they’re perfecting for manoeuvring into tight areas, such as driving down the side of buildings with no rear lane access

Quick Set Up Time

Mini Cranes set up and fold down quickly. This means you can free up your site faster, and save money on unnecessarily long hire times in a way that is only possible with Mini Cranes.

What We Offer

Short & Long term hire

Mini cranes can be hired for periods as varied as 2 hours to several months

Steel Beam Installation

Get your steel beams installed by qualified and experienced professionals at Mini Cranes

Glass lifting

Trust Mini Cranes to vacuum lift your glass to the required height for safe and easy installation.

Basic Material Handling

Mini cranes can also fulfill your material handling needs.

40m Drop

Our cranes might be mini but the drop isn’t. Get up to a 40m drop with our machines.

Operator Included

All our cranes come with an operator for your ease of use and piece of mind.

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